Online ordering software : here’s why you should go with Trackin !

Many restaurants have taken the plunge by integrating an “Online Ordering” feature on their website. A new way for restaurant owners to attract more customers and therefore take advantage of an ever-increasing online shopping craze. So what are the benefits of an online ordering software for your restaurant? How can Trackin make a difference? We’ve listed for you all the benefits that an online ordering software can get you.

My own very own online ordering software: what’s it in for me?

#1 Attract new customers with your online food ordering software

Adding an “Order Online” button on your website is pretty much the same thing as opening another restaurant. Not convinced yet? Well, think of it this way: by making online ordering possible through your website, you’re creating a brand new selling point for your restaurant. All the online food ordering lovers who didn’t even know you existed will finally hear about you! For example, people having food delivered on their workplace are more likely to need a quick and simple way to order their delicious lunch food. Nothing better than an online ordering system to do that and making food delivery only a few clicks away.

Freedom will make you happy

Freedom will make you happy

#2 Let people have what THEY actually want

Online food ordering is getting bigger by the day! 69% of Americans actually prefer placing an order online rather than on the phone. Why? Well for most people, it’s a great way to avoid some of the awkward moments that come with an order placed on the phone. Through online ordering, your customers forget that awful feeling of being put on hold before you finish writing down a customer’s order. Online, everything seems to be simpler and to work better! Having an online food ordering system on your website would literally help you win the hearts of countless internet lovers.
Fast food chains haven’t waited long to make the step and include the “Order Online” options on all their websites: best decision they ever made! In 2013, 25% of the revenues generated by Domino’s Pizza came from online ordering. With a small investment, a well-designed online ordering software could help you play with the big ones, and get your share of the cake on the food delivery market. Why not give it a try?

#3 Increase the average amount spent on food delivery with online ordering

When you offer an online ordering feature on your website, your customers take their time to browse through your menu at their own pace: no risk of them missing out on your delicious dishes. Unlike phone orders, often stressful and made in a rush, being able to browse through your menu encourages people to spend more.
As it turns out, photographs play a big part in the increase of the amount spent online. Try using good quality photographs, which flatter your products: you will quickly notice a significant increase!

Flatter your products and give envy!

Flatter your products and give envy!

#4 Online ordering increases customer loyalty

All it takes is for them to experience a pleasant, simple and quick online order on your website! Intuitive ordering platform, easy-to-access menu, online payment…With a top notch online food ordering software, your customers will be head over hills! They know that you possess what they’ve been looking for everywhere else, and online ordering makes it easy for you to address them via email!
Promotional offers or new products you wish to advertize: with online ordering, you get your client’s information. Why not make the most of it? It’s never been so easy ! Increase sales and improve your customer relationship management, and all with no extra effort!

#5 Increase your productivity with online ordering

Do you sometimes feel like you’re actually spending more time on the phone than taking care of your clients? Answering one call after the other is time-consuming for you, and your staff. Each call might not seem excessively long, but add it all up and you’ll quickly realize that you’re probably spending a few hours on the phone everyday!
With an online ordering software, you earn some valuable time and can finally concentrate on serving quality food to your customers.

online ordring

Let your customers do the job for you

#6 No more ordering errors

With an online food ordering system, say goodbye to all delivery errors that can occur when a order is placed on the phone. No place for misunderstanding : your customer places his or her order online, and takes all the time he or she needs to check and confirm the order. Your customers are guaranteed a mistake-free delivery, with results that match their orders.

#7 Use new technologies that don’t cost you an arm

to say, setting up an online ordering system on your restaurant website will not be free of charge. Between monthly subscriptions and installation fees worth several thousands of dollars, the price range is pretty wide. One thing to remember though: the ROI is totally worth it! Once again, you need to realize that setting an online ordering system on your website would be the same thing as opening up a new restaurant in town, but without the extra costs that come along with a new opening such as rent, equipment, staff salaries, advertizing…

#8 Keep an eye on sales and restaurants’ performance

Using an online ordering software is a real plus in your day-to-day financial management. With a high-performance software, you keep an eye on all orders placed through the software. You know exactly what each customer has ordered, and what you were your costs and revenues on a given time period.

Trackin food delivery software - Sales statistics

Trackin: Keep an eye on your performance

#9 Stop using a third-party websites with your own online ordering software

An online ordering system is a huge asset for your restaurant. You can manage your deliveries from A to Z, without having to externalize part of the process on a third party website. Directory websites, for instance, will charge you for every order placed through their directory, and will reference your restaurant amongst hundreds of competitors. With an online ordering system, YOUR customers place their order directly on YOUR website. You can easily collect their info and won’t be charged by someone else.

Online ordering system : why choose Trackin ?

Trackin designed an online ordering software that answers all restaurant managers’ needs. Willing to offer internet users an extremely intuitive ordering platform, the Trackin ordering software enables you to attract more customers, increase customer loyalty, increase the average ticket and simplify your deliveries’ management.

The new way to deliver

The new way to manage deliveries

#1 Only a few minutes to install your new software

As easy as a “Copy & Paste”, the software designed by Trackin can be set up on your website within minutes. In no time, a customized “order” button appears on your website, and enables your dear customers to place their order. The software was designed to make everything simple and efficient for your customers.

#2 A better way to manage your deliveries and your staff

By choosing Trackin for your website, you get an access to a manager dashboard (compatible desktop, tablet and smartphone) which gives you a full overview on your deliveries: you get notified at each new order so you don’t lose any time, and the delivery status changes automatically (pending, delivering, delivered…), all in real time !

Manage your deliveries it is a game in trackin !!

Manage your deliveries it is a game in trackin !!

#3 A management tool that helps you measure your restaurant’s performance

Trackin not only simplifies your delivery process, but it also helps you measure how well both your delivery men and your restaurants are doing ! You keep an eye on all the deliveries you’ve made, and can make the right choices to stay competitive.

#4 A “filter feature” that saves you a lot of time

Online order sometimes reaches its limits. Therefore, many restaurants are obliged to call customers and simply refuse their order, telling them that the delivery is simply not feasible: customers live too far away or the amount of their order is too small therefore not profitable. This waste of time can often cause some resentment  among your customers !
With Trackin, you can set a delivery “time” limit, and require a minimum order amount to make your delivery profitable. As soon as they enter their address and before placing their order, your customers know if they can be delivered or not : a huge time savor for you !


Module de commande en ligne Trackin

Filter and save time

BONUS FEATURE: for small or larger restaurant chains, this  feature allows the customer to be guided  automatically towards the closest restaurant !

#5 A fully responsive software, compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones

No need to argue, people are more and more connected and their purchasing habits are undergoing a massive shift. Trackin understands those new trends and  habits, and has therefore designed an online ordering software which is fully compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones. A real plus to please all tech-savvy customers!

Trackin - Food Delivery Software

Choose your tool

#6 An easy-to-use and ergonomic order platform

The Trackin online ordering software was designed and thought to make online ordering accessible and simple for most people. Thus, when placing an order, your customers are not obligated to set up a personal account on your website – something identified as a reason why people don’t pursue an order and leave a website. The order is placed in a few clicks, on a flat-design platform which puts  your meals and dishes on a pedestal, thanks to many visual aids.

#7 No commission fee, and an automatic bank transfer after each order

A real plus for to keep an eye on your finances! You don’t need to wait for a weekly  or monthly transfer from a third party website. After each online payment, you get the money you earned, without having to wait for it !

In a few words…

With a software thought to simplify your customers’ user experience, Trackin designed an online ordering software which guarantees an extremely high visitor / customer conversion. Our solution helps you make more deliveries, and therefore increase your revenues. Added to this solution, Trackin also designed a delivery software which optimizes your delivery process and automates your online marketing actions to increase your  visibility.

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Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility

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