Americans, food delivery and technology

Food delivery is prominent in the US. It’s one of the biggest playground in the world with a $30 billions market and with only 5% of the restaurants addressed by third parties, there is still enough space for new actors in the food industry.
Here is an infographics that gives a better understanding of the latest trends regarding food delivery in the USA.

Americans and food delivery

Frequency and type of delivery

94% of Americans already had food delivered and half of them order more than once a month.
The pizza stays the #1 meal that gets delivered, mainly because it’s convenient, and it’s been there for decades herbal weight loss supplements. On the podium are Chinese food then burgers, followed by Indian food, Mexican/Japanese (it’s a perfect draw!) and at the last positions of the ranking are sandwiches and Thai.

Web presence for a restaurant, where to exist?

A lot of restaurants think that third-parties are bringing more visibility to their business but only 28% of the people are finding their restaurant on online platforms like Grubhub or Eat24. The majority of people are still using search engines or reviews websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor to find where to eat.
Moreover, having reviews is crucial for your business as 38% of your potential clients won’t order from your restaurant if you don’t have any. Having good reviews will definitely increase the number of orders received since 86% of the consumers take a close look to those. To verify these data and the importance of good reviews, we invite you to do the following test: Google your restaurant’s name plus the city where it’s located. Pay attention to the right part of the result page, Google will show your restaurant, a picture and your reviews: your rating is the first information the customer will see after your name!

But if you take a look to the left part of the results, pay attention to each of them, you should at least see stars under 3 out 5 links you get from Google! You definitely need to find ways to make your customer happy and make sure they let others know about your restaurant in a positive way!

How to get more orders for your restaurant?

Our Infographics confirms that online ordering is a growing trend: people love the conveniency to have time and place an order without having to talk to someone. Futhermore, 1 American out of 2 hate to have to create an account to order food, so you definitely want to offer them a well-designed online ordering system.
Our study also emphasizes the importance of having an online ordering system directly on your website that is not redirecting to third parties to save the high margins,compatible with smartphones. You need to allow your loyal and new customers to place orders without having to go on an online ordering platform where they have all the chances to be lost among hundreds of other restaurants offering the same type of food as you do and then, lose your customer.

Provide a premium experience to keep and attract more customers

Americans are more and more used to awesome services from so many great companies, and are expecting the same from your delivery service: the number one criteria is to gets the delivery on time. Restaurants definitely need to pay attention to their delivery logistics and make sure to have enough room to adapt to varying volumes of production in the kitchen.
Surprisingly, being served by a polite and gentle driver is not among the expectations of the consumers and it’s more important for them to have a super friendly online ordering system than a nice driver knocking at their door.

Last but not least, providing to your customers a real-time tracking system would allow your restaurant to steal 2 orders out of 3 from your direct competition and quickly grow your own database of clients!

We hope the analysis and the present infographics will provide you enough insights to make the right choices and improve your business. Please feel free to ask us any question you may have in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you! Happy deliveries!


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